According to statistics, most churches operate with 20 % of the people (Volunteers) doing 100% of the work. We believe that God has called 100% of the people of Shelter to do 100% of the work. Imagine is we break the norm, how many more people we could reach for God’s Kingdom! We prepare our volunteers to serve through our Volunteer Orientation Class. This is a two-hours class where you will be encouraged to discover your Passions, Spiritual Gifts and Personal Style in order to discover where you can be most effective in ministry. The class is led by Shelter leadership and is made to be fun and interactive. Upon completion, you will schedule a time to meet with a Shelter connect coordinator to go through your results and find the right place in the church for you to volunteer.

These are areas in present need of volunteers:

Children’s Environments:
Nursery or Toddler Teachers/Assistants
Elementary Storytellers and Small Group Leaders
Check In Greeters

Creative Arts: Musicians
Projection (Lyrics, sermon notes, videos, etc.)

Visitor information Logging


Email Lee at lsnead@shelterchurch.tv to get started