To lead every person into a life-changing relationship with Jesus!


Women’s Life Groups

Join us Monday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Shelter Church. Childcare is $2 per child.  All women are invited! Contact Bernice with questions at

Shelter Recovery Groups

Support and encouragement for all individuals struggling with addictions, co-dependency, and other compulsive behaviors.

Open Table Ministries

Join us for an evening of fun as teens and adults play unconventional board games such as King of Tokyo, X Wing: Miniatures and Lords of Waterdeep. Lots of space to spread out. Play our games or bring your own. All systems of Card Games, Role Playing, Miniature Games, and board games are welcome. We…

Shelter Students

All teens, grades 7-12, are welcome to Shelter Students where we fellowship, learn, grow, and have fun! Contact Bekah with any questions at